Since my early days as an educator and organizer, positive psychology has been a foundation of my work. In 2015, I graduated with a certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute at Kripalu, studying with leading experts Dr. Tal Ben Shahar and Dr. Maria Sirois. I organize my work in and around positive psychology into three general categories of practice:


Positive Psychology in Education

In consulting with educators and institutions, Gwendolyn focuses on building diversity leadership, empowerment, and cultural competency skills for students, parents, and adults. In every project, Gwendolyn and team members bring elements of mindfulness practice, resilience training, and character development (using Via Character Strengths) to give groups a shared language and strong foundation of skills upon which to build. Gwendolyn designs programs for the elementary through college level.

Through Multicultural BRIDGE, Gwendolyn offers standalone summer and vacation retreats like "The Happiness Toolbox" and "Real Talk on Race" for students and their supporting adults along with in-school residencies and trainings, she equips faculty, students, and parents create thriving learning environments where all students can access the full potential of their education. Contact me for more information.


Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Gwendolyn helps individuals and teams cultivate positive, integrated workplace environments through coaching, consulting, and training. She supports administrators, team leaders, and employees in building the best diverse teams and helps teams of any size address incidents or perceptions of intolerance and/or workplace discrimination.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work more than anything requires a shared commitment to creating greater awareness of micromoments through positive psychology and consistent education. We build strong teams (and our own ability to respond to challenging team, workplace, and community issues) starting with microaffirmations and microments of authentic community. We build new practices for healthier workplaces through careful reflection and genuine connection. Let's work together.

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Positive Psychology in Dance

Through Multicultural BRIDGE, Gwendolyn has offered movement-based programs aimed to develop leadership skills, create connections, and help individuals realize their dreams, talents, and abilities since 2009. Through BRIDGE’s Women to Women program, community members can attend weekly Zumba classes and now, Yoga Dance. Both workshops are ways to engage in mindful exercise towards self-actualization while connecting to compassion, trust, and acceptance in an inclusive environment.

Founded by Megha Buttenheim, one of the Positive Psychology team members in The Wholebeing certification program at Kripalu, “Let Your Yoga Dance: Grace in Motion”® emphasizes self-affirmation and meditation and build individuals’ capacity to manage the stress, demands, and accessibility issues in everyday life by connecting to joy and energy. Gwendolyn became a certified instructor of Yoga Dance in November 2017. Combining traditional yoga, breathing, movement, mindfulness, chakra work, Gwendolyn helps participants access their own body knowledge to center themselves and find clarity and connection. Contact me to schedule a workshop or learn more.